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We develop and carry out plans to enhance the lives of people with disabilities above and beyond Liam on a rockwhat public benefits cover. We arrange for the purchases for clothes, accessible housing, transportation, care services, job training and education.

Founded in 1993, we have an established organization, staff and program, which is well known and respected in the New Hampshire disabilities community. People are disabled only by a lack of resources available to them. We can and have made possible an accessible world providing new opportunities for a good life.

We provide life long advocacy through our management of special needs trusts funded by families who have a family member with disabilities. We work with people with disabilities across New Hampshire who have set aside family savings, small or large, in trust for their family member with disabilities. We feel it is important to seek assistance to enable us to expand our mission to let people know that instead of relying just only on public benefits, to plan for their family member when they will be unable to do so.

In order to accomplish this we need your help to make it truly happen.

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